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People living in care homes or warden assisted homes often miss the pleasure of a garden. These establishments don’t always have the space or the staff to maintain a permanent garden. Instaplanta’s unique Mobile Therapy Garden offers residents the opportunity to experience once again the joys and benefits of gardening in a safe and comfortable environment. Because of its ease of use and flexibility, the system is also perfect for use in day care centres for children, adults and people with disabilities or learning difficulties.

The container gardening system, which is available in a range of sizes, can be used indoors or outside. In simple terms, the Mobile Therapy Garden System is a portable raised flower, herb or vegetable garden with removable planting pods which people can work on either indoors or outside depending on the weather and their health and mobility. The system is of particular benefit to older and frailer residents who would otherwise find it impossible to enjoy the pleasures of gardening.

It’s also beneficial for staff as our container gardens require no digging and therefore free up staff from the hard work normally associated with permanent gardening plots. It also means staff don’t have to help clients to and from a permanent garden, which enables staffing levels to be managed more effectively. The planters require little maintenance and use 70 % less compost than traditional commercial planters.

Our Mobile Therapy Gardens offer people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty and scent of flowers and herbs, perhaps help grow their own vegetables and benefit from the social interaction of gardening with other residents. Gardening is well known for its health benefits including physical and mental stimulation. Our system means that people can enjoy the colours, scents and textures of plants and gain a sense of ownership and achievement.

So if you’re looking to improve the quality of life of your clients and staff, call us now to discover how Instaplanta’s Mobile Therapy Garden System has the power to transform access to gardening.

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