Are you a Council who would like Free Planters


Essentially Instaplanta are able to provide deluxe timber, self-watering planters, fully planted totally free of charge to areas with high footfall such as towns, cities and busy retail parks. We are able to achieve this as we work very closely with the town or city’s ‘local businesses’ and present them with the opportunity to promote their products and services on each planter.

 For a small monthly fee the local business can have their company name, logo and other information on signs which are then mounted onto two sides of the planter, the local council or in bloom groups logo is also included along with an environmental strap line of their choice on the sign. This in turn aides local businesses to share in the success that a vibrant town/city centre brings.

Although floral features in city/town centre locations are aesthetically pleasing and help make the vicinity becomea more welcoming place to live, work and visit, we appreciate that installing and maintaining urban planters comes with its pressures. Year round maintenance of the smallest number of planters can impact heavily on both financial and volunteer resources in particular watering regimes.

 We feel that this initiative can offer a number of benefits to the council. The Instaplanta ‘Free Planter’ initiative can eliminate these pressures.

Our experts also can do even non-standard work!, so you need to discuss it with our representative. We work to fulfill our goal – to provide our clients with the most complete list of services. We aim to expand our team of experts as there are more and more spheres of maintenance that we want to work with.
Please contact us for further details!

Benefits to the Council

  • Planters supplied fully planted absolutely free of charge
  • Further promotion of civic enterprise and civic pride
  • Add a connective splash of colour to mundane tarmac dominated areas
  • Enhancement of the districts immediate environment and ecology
  • Opportunity for the Council to further engage with and support their local businesses especially in the current economic climate
  • Opportunity to further endorse the Council’s Green Credentials and support the work of ‘In Bloom’ and other voluntary groups
  • Improve the aesthetical appeal of the village / town / city centres and to help boost the local economy
  • No administrative duties incurred whatsoever
  • Drastically reduces watering regimes.

Benefits to the Local Businesses

  • Opportunity to promote themselves  in a high footfall location
  • Good value for money promotion
  • The opportunity to send out a positive environmental message/support local in bloom and other district initiatives
  • The opportunity to further engage positively with the local council

It is widely publicised that council’s need to work differently to deliver better and more focused services for less money. This innovative scheme has been developed to work with and support local authorities at these difficult times to allow them to further introduce floral enhancements to keep standards high across the city at no cost to them.


Whilst that this is not a panacea to all of the austerity measures being placed upon council’s now and in the coming years, we feel that this is an excellent example of how working differently together can allow all parties concerned achieve their aims and objectives, while each receiving mutual benefits, making villages, towns and city’s even better places to live, work and visit. 

We work with a number of council’s who all recognise the benefits that can be had by adopting the ‘Free Planter’ scheme.