Free Planters - Instaplanta


We believe that outdoor advertising is a sign of a free society. Consumers have the right to be kept informed about products and choices, which have a positive influence on their lives. However we also believe that advertising has its place. Advertising in the wrong place and in the wrong way will have a negative impact on both the local environment and the effectiveness of the advertisement itself.

Instaplanta offers an innovative ‘green’ advertising solution. We supply and install deluxe timber planters filled with sustainable planting ‘free of charge’ to organisations that attract substantial footfall. Our planters come with fitted advertising panels offering a unique opportunity for local businesses to promote their products and services.

There aren’t many outdoor media opportunities that are truly different but this one is. Instaplanta places a great deal of emphasis on the local environments in which it operates. Your link to this type of promotion will reinforce your business / organisations ‘green credentials’ as well as delivering the results you require.

If you are a council or voluntary group wishing to take advantage of Instaplanta’s unique Ad-Planta offer


A local business wishing to promote yourself and also improve the immediate environment

Please contact us for further details!