Instaplanta's Mobile Growing Zones make gardening easy and fun for pupils at a Leeds school!

Instaplanta's Mobile Growing Zones make gardening easy and fun for pupils at a Leeds school!

School gardening can involve anything from a few recycled containers on a patch of tarmac to a complete rethink of the whole outdoor area. Middleton St Mary's Primary School, whilst afforded the luxury of an abundance of green space, wanted neither of these options.

They lacked the resources to re-landscape their school grounds and they did not want to have the constant maintenance pressures that a permanent school garden demands.

Middleton St Mary's takes great pride in the school's aesthetical appearance and did not want to go to the opposite extreme and have just a few plant pots scattered here and there!

"The Instaplanta Growing Zones proved to be the perfect flexible solution."

Instaplanta supplied the school with three Growing Zones, all of varying sizes, complete with fourteen separate wire-lined planting pods. With their durable timber exterior, the Growing Zones came fitted with heavy duty wheels and a braking system, meaning that they could be wheeled under cover so the pupils could continue to garden in poor weather conditions.

The mobility of the Growing Zones allowed the school to position them in different locations when required, an added bonus when space is limited!

The busiest time in the horticultural calendar is June through to September, which falls during the school's summer holidays. It was no surprise then that the biggest advantage to the school was the fact that the planting pods were removable and during the holidays, pupils and staff were able to take the individual pods home to maintain.

Taking into account the comments we received from Middleton St Mary's on our customer care questionnaire, we expect the school to make further additions to their complement of school Growing Zones in the coming year!


"A very practical and cost efficient way of enabling everyone in the community to glean the pleasures and satisfaction of gardening."

Christine Walkden
Horticulturist & BBC TV Gardening Presenter


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