Copper Hill Residential and Nursing Home Case Study

Copper Hill Residential and Nursing Home Case Study

Copper Hill Residential and Nursing Home is a Bupa-owned care facility in Leeds, which offers 180 beds for nursing needs, making it one of the largest care providers in the city.

This home is designed specifically to meet the needs of older residents. It provides residential nursing, dementia, convalescence, respite and palliative care. They also offer care for those with Parkinson's disease. There are six separate houses, each with their own unique character.

Instaplanta held a Container Gardening Workshop for the residents and staff of Copley House, which aimed to encourage physical activity, invite social interaction on a 1:1 or group basis, and provide opportunities for achievement, reminiscence and enjoyment.

This was also an opportunity for Instaplanta to showcase the ease, effectiveness and flexibility of the Instaplanta products. Many would say carrying out gardening tasks in early December in a care home setting would be madness, and in normal circumstances this would be true! However the Instaplanta Mobile Therapy Garden has made gardening more readily accessible no matter what the location or time of the year.

"The residents absolutely loved it" said Julie Greeves, Activity Co-ordinator. "The fact that the planting pods can be wheeled in and out quickly means we have more time to carry out these activities."

Julie went on to say "wherever possible we try to get the residents out into the fresh air and it's excellent that they now have a choice and can take part wherever is comfortable for them." Copley House hopes to add to their complement of Instaplanta products in the near future.


"A very practical and cost efficient way of enabling everyone in the community to glean the pleasures and satisfaction of gardening."

Christine Walkden
Horticulturist & BBC TV Gardening Presenter


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