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We are a Yorkshire based company who believe in the power of horticulture. The use of plants and plant-related activities to promote the aesthetical appeal of an area, improve the education or the health and wellness of an individual or group is what drives our company.

We believe in the benefits that horticulture provides, so much so that we've made it our mission: "To enrich the lives of others by providing access to horticulture."

We provide a number of new and unique products to the education, healthcare and local authority markets which allow their stakeholders the opportunity to access the many benefits that horticulture brings.

We have identified barriers and obstacles which prevent large diverse sections of today's society from accessing horticulture. This could be due to a number of reasons: age, ill health, physical or mental disability. It could be simply that a school has neither the staff nor the financial resources. Lack of space is a very common reason why people do not partake in horticultural activities.

We trust in the multitude of benefits that are dispensed when engaging in horticultural activity or just by simply viewing or smelling the scent of flowers, plants and shrubs.

We believe everyone has the right to access horticulture and our products help to facilitate this!


"A very practical and cost efficient way of enabling everyone in the community to glean the pleasures and satisfaction of gardening."

Christine Walkden
Horticulturist & BBC TV Gardening Presenter


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